Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Engrossed Journey!

   final-journeyIf I ask you to feed a poor – You would first ensure yourself to be stomach-full.

If I ask you to visit a severely ill woman in town- You would first ensure about the boil on your neck.

If I ask you to clothe a drenched, shivering man- You would abstain from taking your coat off because you would only give it off when it’s into rags.

It’s all about time.

That hungry man, that ill woman, that man resisting the cold – They may all die if not attended.

Why do we care? We have all been engrossed in our self, so much that someday we may even challenge death. We have all curtained the real being in us.

We were all born - Raw. Unmasked. Earthy.

We continue to believe that Life is lived by the sense of self-defense where actually we are to live for others not for ourselves.

You don’t do a great deed when you look after yourself?

You don’t do a great deed when you feed a hungry you?

You don’t do a great deed when you clothe your shivering body?

We need people when we are born. We need people when we die. And the secret is …

We need them the most in between. (Tuesdays with Morrie)

We are mortal! What are we proud about? We must die someday. Either we would be burnt into ashes or dumped somewhere. And that’s how a sweeper as well as a President is treated.

Mitch Albom in his book, “Tuesdays with Morrie”, quotes Morrie beautifully, “We must love each other or perish”.

It doesn’t matter whether we travel in a limousine or a bullock-cart but it does matter whether our vehicle is filled with love or pride.

Happy Journey!

Faraz Burud


abner fernandez said... [Reply]

Love it!!
To the point, articulate, and interesting.
The Law of Attraction Really Works!

canada blogger reader said... [Reply]

Pretty good inspiring quotes and helpful for those people who are about to give up in believing in God.

Elvirah said... [Reply]

Very well said! Without love there is no meaning to our existence in this world and world itself wouldn't have existed like this without love. Whether someone agree with it or not, but love makes the world still a better place to live in. We are made of dirt and become dirt when we die, so why live in pride when we cannot carry any earthly treasures with us to the dirt.

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