Saturday, July 23, 2011

Drawing Good Into Your Life

Feeling good Wallpaper__yvt2  At some point in your life, you’ve likely encountered a circumstance you’d like to change. Maybe you want a different job, to meet someone special, or to pursue online training so you can finish your degree. Being conscious about what you want and need is an important step in following the Law of Attraction, a metaphysical thought process based on the notion that like attracts like. Asking the universe for gifts is one thing. Empowering change based solely on the way you think is another.

Made popular recently by the book and movie, The Secret, the Law of Attraction can work if you know how to work with its energy. Operating under the belief that what you put into the universe comes back to you, thinking positively makes more sense. (Pay attention, pessimists!) Rather than demanding an A in that online course you’re taking, offer to help the universe.

Obviously you’ll want to keep doing your homework and studying for tests, but do more than say, “I want an A in my class.” Try a phrase like, “An A in my class would enable me to apply for that fellowship.” By changing your language just a bit, you put intention into the universe. You’re able to focus on your future goals – not just the A you’re working towards, but also the opportunities that will open up after you’re selected for the fellowship. Pay attention to signs. Maybe you need to work with a tutor to ensure that you get an A and shortly after expressing that need out loud, you see a flyer for a study group or receive an email about extended hours at the library. While some might think of these as coincidences, those who follow the Law of Attraction will likely recognize the announcements as validation that they’re on the right path.

When you ask the universe for help in attaining a goal, you have a perfect opportunity to express thanks for what you already have. As a result, you might just find more good coming back to you. It’s worth the effort to continually put positive energy into the universe, even if – and especially if – things aren’t going your way. Working with the Law of Attraction is not an instant cure, however. It’s not realistic to say, “Losing 10 pounds would help me meet my fitness goals” and expect to fit into a smaller size a week later. Redirecting the way your brain has always thought – “I want; I need” – will take time. Just like learning a new language, you will not become fluent overnight.

Never forget that the universe has bountiful gifts. Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you desire, remembering, again, that showing a willingness to do the work will help you reap the rewards you desire. Whether you’re aiming for a good grade on your next test or trying to make the Dean’s List, contributing positive energy on top of hard work will likely bring the results you desire. Like everything in
life, adjusting your perspective will allow for new insight. It may take some time, but know that manifesting good on a continual basis is possible.




Princess Jibi said... [Reply]

Hey just a passer by, nice blog... such inspirational stuff. hmm i am definitely bookmarking u.

quotes of I love you said... [Reply]

All I can say is that CHANGE is definitely inevitable. There is nothing constant in this world except two things, CHANGE and DEATH.

From Desire To Success said... [Reply]

Thanks for the nice article. I think the Secret did a good job of exposing the Law of Attraction to many...but I consider it more of an introduction, as it didn't really go too in depth.

Even though, I recommend it because it definitely get's people excited to learn more!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I have to totally agree with Meg. I read the Secret, but I had previously experienced many a things that were no coincidences. Whether good or bad....your thoughts do attract the corresponding events in your Life. No coincidence in Life, your thoughts are Energy and they have the power to make changes. But you must work towards these. Good Luck to All of you in 2012! And do experiment with the Law of works:)!

Brace Phillips said... [Reply]

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