Sunday, July 10, 2011

Consistency: A True Factor of Success

why  This is where most people drop out or fail on their path to success. They give up because they get bored of what they need to do or do not have enough patience to see results. Consistency is something that needs to go hand in hand with your determination and passion.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY you do something or WHY you want to achieve that something? Focus your energy for a moment and emphasize on the reason WHY!! Once you get this clear in your mind, the rest will simply follow. Your WHY should be so big that the obstacles that come in your way start to seem so small that you can simply overcome them. Allow me to state this with a simple illustration.

Shift away from your screen and look at any object around you that inspires you. Now while you look at that object, take your hand and extend it straight at your eye level. Doesn’t it blur your vision on that object. That is because it shifted your focus from that object to the obstacle- your hand. If you slowly bring your hand closer to your eyes, it completely blocks out your vision on the object. This is when we focus on the problems that come our way. It just gets bigger and bigger and we eventually give up on our dreams and goals. Now taking your hand back to it’s original position, shift your focus back on the object that inspires you, don’t you see the obstacle- your hand, blur now.

This illustration was to help you understand one thing. Do not focus on the obstacles that come your way, it will sway you away from your path and make your dreams/goals seem difficult or impossible to achieve. Instead choose to stay focused on your goals and the obstacles will automatically blur out. This is one reason your WHY should be so strong that it does not shift your focus away from your dreams. You continue to move in the right direction with dedication and eventually achieve what you desire for.

Your WHY will fuel your consistency level and continue to keep you motivated. It is definitely not easy to keep up with, *but not impossible right*, but if at the time you want to give up, remember the reason WHY you are doing what you do or the reason WHY you want that something. You will get back on track.

Keep Pushing Yourself!!

Vishal D



Vimoo said... [Reply]


Self Improvement said... [Reply]

Now, of course I know that the pursuit of material things is a road to nowhere, but really, if I had been pursuing these things, at least I would've been passionate about SOMETHING, and have been moving in SOME direction. In my case, I was just standing still doing nothing.

Ron Decker said... [Reply]

I don't really know how to say this...
In my early years... the "church" had become my passion. I discovered my gift of "singing" because of the people who recognized that I could stir the emotions of others by my voice, because I could emotionally deliver the message offered in a song.
Now, at 57 years of age... and a life that has taken me nowhere... I don't know who I am. All I know is that when I sing... people seem to love it. Is this all my life is to be?

Vishal Dharamdas said... [Reply]

@Ron Decker Hey Ron, it's great you found something that your passionate about and it gives you joy each time you sing! But since you say it now has gotten to point where you feel your life has no meaning but makes people happy...look around you, i'm sure you will find alot more things that give your life more meaning. It is just a matter of your persepctive, Ron :-)...You connect with so many people at church and give them hope in their life...light to those who need it! That is something to be proud of!

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