Saturday, June 18, 2011

Your Life Without Limits

    Each and every one of us, at some point feel we can achieve so much in this Life. We are filled with positive energy flowing through our body feeling so powerful and confident. Like we can conquer the world.

But then, there also comes a moment when we feel the opposite (negative) just because we didn’t achieve that something that we struggled so hard for or we regret over a bad decision we made. We start doubting and underestimating ourselves. We start to blame ourselves for the consequences. Now let’s not say “That’s how life is !”

That is simply giving up on your hopes. Instead, take a moment, close your eyes and visualize how you want things around you to be, how you want your life to be. Change will work in your favor if you permit it to.

Have you ever seen a blind man finding his way around the city with his cane, or a deaf person working in a café or restaurant. Does that not inspire you? Despite their incapability, they strive to live their life without limits. NHLaunch_cooper_8_thumb1

It all starts with having made a mistake and later regretting upon it. What matters is how you look at things around you.We look at things how we want to see them and not how they are meant to be looked at. It’s just a perspective here. It’s all in your mind. You can’t keep limiting yourself to certain beliefs, expand your horizons, tune in to the better side of yourself. Reveal the person you really are! You have to keep tweaking your mindset every now and then, adding more experience and knowledge to it. It’s the most valuable asset each and every one of us own. Use it wisely.

You got to fail to succeed, bad decisions give you a learning experience to step up and keep climbing higher. The decision here is yours, do you want to learn from your mistakes and increase your success speed or do you want to just look at yourself in the mirror and sulk at what you see?

Take a step back for a moment, analyze yourself, is it worth crying over spilt milk, it’s the past, Move on! Time will do it’s job. Take control of your life! It’s yours and only yours and to be filled with the things you desire for. Set goals you’ve never set before, do the things you’ve never done before.Your life is meant to be LIMITLESS!

Remember, you need to see the invisible to achieve the impossible!


Vishal D


Vidya Sury said... [Reply]

Thanks, Vishal, that's a lovely post. Limiting beliefs is such a profound area. Reminds me of something I read recently - a Chinese piece of wisdom: "Fall down seven times, stand up eight." Unless we have "downs", we'll never appreciate the "ups" :D and of course, if we THINK we can, we'll at least try our bestest!

Brian said... [Reply]

I must say, this post was very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, vishal.

Mary Lynn said... [Reply]

I think, real limits are from our mind. When we don't even believe we can do it, we may fail. Confidence is really important. It matters. It's a nice article with positive thoughts. I like it. Thank you.

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