Friday, May 6, 2011

Creative Thinking is Essential for Success


     This is a factor most often ignored by many people. Or rather not considered. I believe Creative Thinking is crucial to every aspect in life. It helps get the best out of us and gives us many different perspectives on things we would otherwise have done by the norms. Creative Thinking is being different and standing out from the crowd. If you have noticed, all the millionaires in the world are where they are today because they thought something different or did something differently.creative-thinking-room

"What matters is not what you do, but how you do it."

   It sure requires courage and dedication to shine out from the rest. The focus should be on creativity, action, doing and not boredom, complaining, or idleness.

It is nothing but taking the efforts in materializing your goals blended in with your creative juices. A person with a positive attitude sees the positive side of all situations. He or she is optimistic about the future and hence is able to take responsibility for their actions. A positive mental attitude stresses joy and discovery over sadness & depression.

Now you must be asking yourself, "How do I think creatively?"Or, "What does the whole creative thinking process involve?"

   Here are some tips and ideas to help you achieve the same.

- First of all, expect the Best in life, visualize your dreams and believe in yourself. Eliminate negative thoughts and people from your life. Use positive self-talk, stay motivated every day and think anything is possible. Continue learning something new every day. Building a strong and diverse knowledge base is the foundation for creative thinking. you should be like a living sponge and soak up all the knowledge you possibly can on a variety of subjects.

- Creative thinkers avoid "boxed in" thinking and accept uncertainty during their search to find solutions and create new ideas. They dream and use their imagination to see an improved and expanded vision.

- Creative thinking must be part of the normal daily routine, not scheduled for a certain time and place. It flows naturally, involves all of our senses, emotions and intelligence. Creativity can be developed into a powerful everyday thinking process by eliminating common mental blocks. Creative thinking does not have to be a difficult process, it should not be like rocket science for the average individual.

- It is important that we get rid of and free the barriers in our mind to let the creative juices flow naturally and freely. One should be prepared to give careful thoughts and efforts to achieve maximum creative results. Creative thinking can be fun and enjoyable with phenomenal outcomes, but be prepared for some hard work too.

- Be alert to potential problems and opportunities. Always think of you can make things better or efficient. Don't ever be satisfied with the status quo! Being alert means having a proactive attitude during the entire day to seek out potential problems. They could be opportunities in disguise.

- To get the best results, you must be tuned into the future, seek new horizons and new ways of doing things. Yes, we must reflect on the past only to learn from the failures and mistakes. Be a dreamer. Dream BIG, BIG, BIG Dreams. Only then will you reach your full potential and the innovation and change you seek. We have destiny over the future. When we tell our brain the direction we want to proceed in, it kicks into action to get us there. The future is ours to mold and shape, no one else's! In today’s economy and information age, one cannot wait to take action, we must act immediately or yesterday.

- Using positive self talk and asking questions about your work or personal situations is an effective method to spark new thinking and encourage creative activity.

- A strong purpose behind your search for new ideas and a passionate vision for a better future will keep your creative engine running. This will automatically help you focus your creative talents and put your brain into positive action.

   Why should you pull off the track of life and stop when you could be blazing new creative trails like a bullet train speeding down the track of life at over a hundred miles per hour? Procrastination & laziness never accomplish anything.

"Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. We all have gears we never use."

Vishal D


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