Friday, November 5, 2010

Three Principles to Help You Achieve What You Want

 It so happens, many times we don’t stay committed to some things as we planned to, or rather we give up too soon. Why?

Either because we were not motivated enough or  it was not all that important to us.
Allow me to get straight to the point.

I want to share with you three principles that will help you achieve what you really want...only if your are serious about achieving them.

1.    VISION

This is where most dreams are born. I call it a blueprint in the mind. Without a Vision, you will go nowhere. It is important that you see what you can’t see and you will achieve the impossible. You want something so bad that you naturally keep thinking about it, you are so charged up initially and later give up. Don’t let that happen to you.  Do not let other's push you down. Stay grounded, stick to what you really want, believe in yourself no matter what. Write a list of what you really want to achieve, put it up on your wall or pictures of them. It will keep you focused at all times.


This is what most people lack and tend to give up on. If your motivation is so strong, you will automatically do whatever it takes to achieve what you really want. Don’t let obstacles break you or hold you back. Commit to yourself from the very beginning that you will finish what you start. If your vision/passion is strong enough-your commitment will be on the same wavelength. Yes, it does get tough at times, but I am sure the results are much bigger than the barriers.


This is the most important step in anything. This is where winners are born!
“You want something, go get it Period.”
Yes of course, take calculative risks before doing anything, but don’t think too much that it gets you all paranoid. Life is all about taking chances, without taking chances, you will never achieve what you really want. And yes, having patience is what keeps you going. I have come across many people who are serious about things when they talk about them but never really act on any of them. Amongst all three, I believe this is a vital principle for growth.

 Vision + Commitment + Taking Action = Achievement 
Stay Focused

Vishal D


Chris Ginsburg said... [Reply]

Good clear principles.It really is that simple when you break it down.

Vishal Dharamdas said... [Reply]

I agree with you Chris! It is indeed simple when you take it step by step!

Motivational Speakers said... [Reply]

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