Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Be Grateful

How often do we value what we are blessed with? Today in this busy world, do we even spare a few minutes to be thankful and grateful for what we are blessed with? I am sure for many of you the answer is a hesitant yes. It’s a fact that most of us remember God only when we are facing troubles or in need of something and not when we are happy with the way our lives are going. True?

Well, I just want to convey one message. What you value in your life increases in value. When you are grateful, you radiate feelings of happiness and you automatically feel happy from within. What you focus on , grows. Try implementing this small yet powerful exercise: Every morning when you open your eyes, say to yourself either in a soft whisper or aloud,” I am so grateful for another beautiful day in my life, Thank You God !” or either create  your own similar affirmations.  Trust me, you will feel a state of bliss and energy throughout the day.  Put this into a habit by doing it for 21 days and see how great you feel about yourself and your life. Your perception will begin to shift.
Another powerful exercise is listing down on paper 50 things you are grateful for. The first 10 things are easy- family, health, friends, home, etc. But as you go down the list, you will realize how being grateful for the smallest of things make you feel. Be grateful for the fact you have two eyes to see from, a healthy heart, etc. The factories that manufacture so many different products that we use in our daily lives, the shops that sell you these products, etc. As you think about it, you will find so many things to be grateful for. I bet you have a lot more to be grateful for.

The Attitude of Gratitude is one of the best feelings ever. It is a feeling one needs to experience. Count your blessings and don’t take things for granted.

Abundance Surrounds Us

Until next time
Vishal D


Christa said... [Reply]

” I am so grateful for another beautiful day in my life, Thank You God !”
thanks for sharing this faithful reminder :-)

Vishal Dharamdas said... [Reply]

Your Welcome Christina :-)

David said... [Reply]

Good morning and welcome to another day here on planet earth. This is what the radio says to me every morning, how good is that.

Coralie Nellhard said... [Reply]

Yes, It really works.
I have been saying something like this for a long time and really enjoy my life while doing what I have chosen to accomplish.

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