Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Be Nice

How often do you notice random people being nice to you? A waiter at a coffee shop or a shop attendant going out of their way to serve you? Not so often right? But wouldn’t it be great if they did so? And if they did, you would definitely visit that place again and again, right? That is because they made you feel great!

We all have our own busy Worlds in which we are engaged in and never care to do something different. That is because we are on autopilot, doing the same things everyday. Change is all about growing and it starts by creating a new habit in our life. "If we want to grow, we gotta step out of our box." How?
Here’s one way how... Just Be Nice (JBN). Just be nice to everyone you meet. Be who you really are, genuinely. I know what you are thinking now, does being nice really help?, or help you get things done?, especially in this selfish World? Yes, it does. It is in fact a very basic principle in Human history that most of us have overlooked. Honestly, you have nothing to lose in being nice to just about anyone. Create this habit not today but starting now!

Being nice to your colleagues will make them want to work with you and also makes the work environment comfortable, being nice to your customers will definitely keep them coming back and that vouches for your loyalty towards them. It helps build genuine relationships. Being nice surely does require some efforts but the results are priceless and that is the difference between winners and losers in both, personal and business Worlds.

So commit to yourself to be uncommonly nice to just about anyone and everyone you come across, even your enemies and see the difference you bring about in not only them but also in yourself.


Vishal D


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Being nice is a very relative term. In todays world to be nice is a sign of weakness! People walk all over you & take you for granted. At the end of it you start doubting your own self & wonder if you really are worth anything at all ????? Believe you me its a very sinking feeling to realise that you are being laughed at & made fun of when you really want to be just nice.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

With all due respect, it may be relative and a sign of weakness in your perspective. People will take you for granted if you let them. This is something that differs with different people. What is important is knowing when to be nice and when not. Confidence is the main factor here.

Pakhi said... [Reply]


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