Saturday, June 26, 2010

Achieving Your Goals

We set Goals we want to achieve with that strong burning desire and initially we get all excited and say things like “I will not give up till I don’t achieve it”, “I will do whatever it takes” and so on. We actually put in our blood and sweat into it, do what is required with full dedication for the first few days or weeks, etc. But what happens as time goes by?
We tend to get de-motivated and try to compromise on what we can do with what we are capable of. This eventually shifts our mindset and we tend to give-up and forget the goal we once desired for. Honestly, ask yourself, how many times has this happened to you? If the answer is Yes then you should be willing to follow what I will be discussing henceforth, if your answer is NO, then simply close this page.
So, your answer is YES!!! Awesome!! This is where you identify yourself as a Winner!!!
Let us understand some basics first. Firstly, you need to answer a few questions –

- What do you really want?
- Why do you want it?
- How is it going to affect you?

Without understanding what and why you really want something in your Life, you cannot move forward. You should want it so bad that you are genuinely willing to Do Whatever it Takes!!!

Goal setting should be done in writing after analysing the timeframe, resources, etc. Writing has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to Manifest or Materialize things. I myself do this every month, I either write them in my diary maintained for this purpose or if it is a long term goal, I write it down on a sheet of paper and stick it up on my softboard in my room where I can see it very often. This process not only reminds and drives me to achieve them but also gets me focused on managing other things. It’s Simple, “You want something, go get it, Period.” No if’s but’s or whatever.

That was just the first step, now comes the more fun part. You not only need to just write down your goals but at the same time, you need to Believe in them from within. Believe that you have already achieved it, put yourself in that presence of mind......Believe it!! Most of us know about the Law of Attraction, which states, Visualize the things that you want, visualize them like you already own them or have already achieved it! This is when the Universe will feel how bad you want it and will turn itself to manifest it for you. Trust me, friends this works, it has worked millions of times and continues to ignite magic in my life. If you read a few of older blog posts, you will find out how I achieved a few of my Dreams. But very important, do not do this because you have to or because the Law of Attraction says or because I say. Do it because you genuinely believe in it and are willing to do anything to achieve your Goals. The best part is you actually have so much fun visualizing the things you want that it makes you so much more happier than before and automatically you just want to do more of it. All this may sound simple when said, but a lot more easier when done with Passion, Belief and Faith. This also reflects in your personality, you become a Goal oriented person and positivity is all around you that when you talk to people, they can feel it.

This is the stage where most people give up. You cannot just write and visualize expecting the Universe to simply manifest for you, if it were that easy than everyone would be a millionaire. You need to take action, you need to put in your hard work and efforts having promised yourself to do anything for it. People usually give up here when they do not see results having waited for a short span o time. Like I said earlier, along with determination, dedication and belief, patience will help your efforts pay off! Stay Focused and remove a few minutes or hours (depending on how much time your goal requires you to dedicate) dedicatedly each day to do what is needed. I am sure you are like damn, this is going to be tough, but ask yourself this question- How bad do I want this? Be around people who are positive and focused ie. Winners.

Let me be honest with you, nothing in this world comes free, you directly or indirectly pay a price for them. It takes time to adapt to doing things differently, but there is this saying “ Winners do not do different things, they do things differently!” Now get out there and push yourself each day and you will end up patting your back and smiling before you sleep at night.
Remember one thing, Never Give up on what you believe in. No matter what, do not let anyone put you down for what you believe in. Push yourself to it’s Ultimate, stand up for what you believe and keep Fighting.

Vishal D


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This is a good read, good information. Very motivational and I truly believe in goal setting and sticking to your dreams.

Lynn Brown
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