Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Music- Notes of Inspiration

Over the years, I have come to realize that Music has had a tremendous impact on my Life, I am actually addicted to the right kind of Music that keeps me in sync with my Life! And the feeling is amazing!

Music can have a big Impact on a person, it has the ability to trigger so many different emotions in us.The words in a song combined with a collaboration of different instruments playing, all work together to create a certain kind of feeling. I am sure some of you have experienced this and the feeling is crazy! The best part is that the artist want their listeners to understand and relate to the song and that is what I call music that triggers emotions. I actually feel that listening to songs with positive lyrics and meaningful content has alot of impact on our life.

Monday, April 19, 2010

How Inspiration Should Work

The other day I was pondering over something that made me think so much and this is what I figured out -

Some people will be inspired to start of with but may not be motivated to do anything and others will be inspred, they will be motivated but they take no action. This in itself is an ineffective kind of inspiration, one that we feel for a small amount of time but it materialises into nothing. The best type of inspiration is one that consists of all three of these factors- 

Inspiration...Motivation...Action, You are Inspired by something or someone,which Motivates you to do something, you decide to take Action and that action turns the ideas from your inspiration into reality.

We should mould our mindset into taking action after being Inspired & not just procrastinate.

Until next time
Vishal D