Thursday, August 6, 2009

Believe in Yourself

There comes a phase in life where u want certain things so bad...That u keep asking & asking, feeling it's the right time to recieve them but they dont materialize at the time you want them to...

At first i didnt understand the philosophy to this, but as the years flew by I understood one thing, everything has it's right moment, it's right purpose, & it's right reason to occur.

I believe that whatever you want in should just keep asking & asking without a doubt & BELIEVE that it will materialize & at the same time don't be laidback assuming it will take place effortlessly. You should do whatever it takes if it's important to you. Take action, chase it coz its no ones but yours & only for you.  I will never forget this moment where I set my eyes on my dream bike. I tried every possible way to save up for it. Requested my mom to put in half the amount.

Days flew by...weeks flew by...months flew by. My eyes would go on every possible Yamaha fz16 on the road or parked, I would talk about it to just about everyone around me, I would visualize myself riding it very often, & also my friends would remind me when they would see one. I was preparing for my exams & during my study breaks would talk to my mom how bad i
wanted it. 

The day finally arrived where my mom agreed to it & it was a day i will never forget. It was my last exam which was from 4pm to 5pm, I somehow convinced my mom we go to the showroom to book it & there we were at the yamaha showroom in the morning at 11am, the guy said i will get the bike at 6pm the same day. I got home, put my full focus to my last exam trying not to think about my mean machine, gave my exam & ran to the showroom to pick it up. The excitement was uncontrollable, i was yelling away riding my new meam machine back home. Hugged my mom, thanked her, Thanked God & of course thanked the Universe too.

I never gave up until I received it, i belived it was mine already & that is what got me there.Some reasons may never be known to us. But I knew one thing, it was the right time.

Until next time
Vishal D


Chandn! said... [Reply]

Hey Vishal!!
Thanx for everythin!! U r a gr8 guy!! u deserve the best!! and M so with u on this!! We get What we wanT!! really really want!!!
Luv n Luc

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