Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Focus on Change

As my eyes follow the black text of my IT books, i wonder how can i become a better person? How can i get to my greatness? & im sure everyone here wants the same.

I realized one's all about the mindset you carry, because what you think in your mind is the way you portrait yourself to others. Right?? Rather than having your mind wander around things that aint important at this very moment...Focus all your energy on what is important and on what you want.

Sometimes it is easy to feel we have no real control on the direction that our lives are going in and this can leave us feeling helpless and depressed as it becomes hard to see any way possible that the situations and circumstances will change. But, there is a way that you can make those changes happen and take control of the direction that your life is heading in and begin to manifest the results that you want to have and to see. You really can become a much more powerful and successful version of yourself.
Most people will spend the majority of their time with their mind focused on all of the things that they do not like and the many disappointments and frustrations that they have endured and suffered through. And by staying in this kind of state, it becomes hard to see a real way out and to see that they can create the circumstances and situations that will benefit them.

Changing your mindset is where you allow your mind to stay aware of and focused on is the first step to really manifesting this kind of change. You have to create a shift from feeling powerless to feeling powerful and this will help you to do exactly that. Then take actions that are inspired and never out of desperation for the situation that you are in.

Becoming solution oriented and ready to spring into action will allow you to create this new more powerful you in much less time.

Every day our minds take us on a long winding road through lots of different ideas, thoughts and emotions. Our only problem is that we can't always believe our thoughts.

When that negative self-talk starts it's really so difficult to realize how we are damaging ourselves over and over again.With such stupid thought like this...

...I am all alone 
...No one cares for me 
...I am Useless
...I did something to deserve this 
...I am not worthy of this
...Why is this happening to me?
...I will never feel better 
and so on...

Sometimes these thoughts run in our minds to scare us. We are so creative that we can make up really scary images in our minds that seem real. I can watch the news and feel like the whole city is out to get me. Then I break it down and realize that I live in a gigantic city and the odds of anything happening to me are pretty less.

The trick here is not to believe what you hear. Those thoughts want to keep your mind entertained with doom and gloom. The more we can pour the light in, the better.
In order to get those negative running thoughts out of our heads is to sit down and quietly jott down all the positive thoughts aka. Positive affirmations. for eg.

...I am really strong
...I am healthy
...I am safe
...I am worthy
...I am loved
...I am needed
...I feel so much better
...I am not alone

You can even say these to yourself when those negative thoughts are running around in your head. It may seem funny at first but trust me it makes a big difference! Only thing is you should form it as a Habit.

Until next time
Vishal D


chandni said... [Reply]

Hey Vishal!! Gr8 stuff.. keep it coming..!!
Thanx for sharing this!!
Luv n Luc!!

Rj said... [Reply]

Self Help is the Best Help !!

Nikki said... [Reply]

Hey Vish, by far dis is ur best blog, ur gettin much betta wid every blog :) totally liked dis one n cud relate..thnx fa sharing it..bring it on!!!

syamu dolly said... [Reply]

Hi Vishal Thank u so much for sharing ur Positive thoughts i really like ur thoughts coz am always thinking very negetive aspects nw am perfect with ur suggestions and from this minute onwards i will try to implement those things .

thank u so much........

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