Sunday, June 28, 2009

Appreciation...It can change someone's perspective !

Early this evening I was sitting at a coffee shop, sipping my favourite coffee & nibbling on a sinful chocolate cake & hearing my true friend speak about his achievements in his leadership career!

He mentioned a moment where he being the youngest team leader & his team being the highest headcount of seventeen in the process -they got an appreciation by the head manager of the company (from UK) for their work- in the history of 4 years of that process. Wow! What a feeling! You should have seen the enthusiastic smile on my friend's face -Unforgetable!

Each & Every person wants to be appreciated for what they do & what they believe in. Sometimes when you don't get appreciated for the best you've hurts ! It really does. Everyone, deep down within longs for an appreciation for various things they do.
So whether big or small, always genuinenly appreciate what others do for you or otherwise also.

I remember a recent moment...after i uploaded my very first post on my blog page & another close friend who had been desperately waiting to read my blog after i had informed him about it. He ended up at my place this evening on my computer reading it. There was a moment of silence & then he said " Vishal, i knew it one day your thoughts & experiences will be known to the rest !" More than an appreciation it was his belief in me. I was just smiling ear to ear & replied saying, "Thank you !" He is one person who inspires me & vice versa.

Small treasured moments like this in your life fill in the fuel of positivity, get ur confidence a level up & increases your beliefs.

"Never miss an Opportunity to celebrate & elevate another person, whether at work or at home. You'll connect with the best within them. And then they'll give you their best. Leave people feeling better than you found them."
I want to leave you with this one thought ~ "The more of what you give is the more of what you get !"

Vishal D


Sachin said... [Reply]

Very thoughtful...I totally agreee with you on this. While at work if you appreciate the work they've done; you really do get the best from them.

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