Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Can ! ...I Will ! ...I Must !

Hey guys, Firstly want to thank each & everyone of you for visiting my Blog.
I have been wanting to create one since a long time & finally here it is.(maybe it's now the right

The reason why I have created this blog is to share my THOUGHTS, EXPERIENCES & ACTIONS with the rest of the world because I as an individual feel I have the power & right to help change as many lives as I can & so do you - so that people out there understand their Potentials hidden deep down there in their reservoirs.

I Believe that every individual out there has his/her Unique Passion (Spiritual force/Intuitions) that drives them every now & then to do something that they've
always desired for. But its sad to say that only a hand full of them actually push themselves to get out of their comfort zones to do something different & prove their worthiness. Why? because as we grow up, we adopt negative beliefs & false assumptions & sabotaging fears from the world around us, these become our invisible fences.I was one of them who developed these beliefs. It's this four letter word called "FEAR" which all of us have within at some point of time, that stops us , makes us think...think so much that we ultimately don't end up doing what we had to. We should create the habit of not jumping over these fences but breaking them down...forever. Coz you never know behind these fences lie gorgeous gifts.

That feeling good of "Hey I actually did it/experienced it & guess what wasn't that difficult!" It makes your life even more exciting having finally done it or done something different.

The feeling of having done something that you have never done before brings about a change, a BIG change in your Attitude, boosts your confidence & gets you that adrenalin rush in your system ...You are now thinking that if this is possible, anything is possible. It's all in your mind. It doesn't matter what others tell you but what matters the most is what you tell yourself because at the end of the day it's your life, so live it by your Rules & Principles!

Remember this Mantra or powerful thought that you must say to yourself when you at anytime doubt something you cannot do- "I CAN ! ...I WILL! ...I MUST! . "

Keep saying it...keep saying it to yourself & no doubt you will get that positive feeling of wanting to do it so bad that a strong reason will be in front of you & you have now realized that you have OVERCOMED YOUR FEARS !

Like I mentioned earlier- Every individual has a potential to do anything he/she desires. It's all about pushing yourself to the ULTIMATE ! Gaining that concrete reason, a strong driving force & pushing yourself a little more than you think u can, it's gonna cost a bit more or hurt a bit more but once you have accomplished what you aimed for, there's no looking back. It's about pushing yourself that one extra degree, that one extra second, that one extra...I would love to say more on this but im sure this video is what will bring that paradigm in you. It inspired me & I am sure it will do the same to you.

This is just a glimpse of what I want to share with you all. Theres so much more...right here on this blog. So keep checking in for more boost posts!
Would appreciate feedbacks on what you feel about what I share with you so we can all grow together.

Till then take care & remember, push yourself to the ULTIMATE!!!


Vishal D


Henny said... [Reply]

WOW!!!! Never in my wildest dreams would i have thought that my friend Vishal would ever write a blog so motivating,so true,so abundant and most of all so connecting. For all of us out there who are trying to make it big in some aspect of our lives this will truly be a good eye opener and a big part of our success. Well done Mr.Dharamdas aka Dj.Skrape

Rakesh Vanamali said... [Reply]

Congratulations on ur blog! Wishing you eventful and good times here!

Your take on life is very relevant and inspiring! Do keep penning more!

minnie said... [Reply]

Wooo!!! dat was excellent a mind blowing blog would say... well its amazing to see that we have such people with such wonderful and positive vibes towards life!! well..all i can say keep coming for more...:D

Swati said... [Reply]

Hey..ya..its an amazing blog..i realy belive every word what u said..m sure its realy gona change the way ppl f luck !

Sachin said... [Reply]

Wow that was truly amazing...a very inspiring and positive write up. It makes me want to read it again and again every morning...You know what I'm going to read it every morning; the best way to start the day.
Looking forward to more fantastic insights from you,..
It's great to know that you are so positive and looking at life in such an amazing way..

Kashish said... [Reply]

I can..I will...I Must! Wow! It makes me feel like I can do anything. It was really truly amazing Vish. I didn’t know you had such hidden talent. My baby brother has grown up. Somehow, I feel that you wrote this for me’s really inspiring. I got goosebumps while reading it. It’s a sure way of inspiring positivity into one’s outlook. It was a good decision to start this blog and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of people reading it. I’m really proud of you…

Mahek Shahani said... [Reply]

hey..loved your thoughts on the blog.
you put it in such simple words and its sooo damn true and connecting.
Keep it up....cheers!

Thaku said... [Reply]

Thaku Chugani: I just cannot believe that you did that its wonderful. Keep it up

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Life is Short!! so live to the fullest!!!
Raaj Paree

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