Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fears- Face Them

  It’s human nature to be guided by our fears, this inbuilt fear has ensured the survival of humankind for millions of years. Without fear, we may not have survived to be who we are today, but this same inbuilt survival mechanism, can also limit our true potential in life for financial success, or to follow our dreams. Many of our fears are adopted during our childhood, or even later in life through our normal life experiences. The way we interpret and analyse these experiences & the emotional response we attach to these experiences, will determine how much fear prevents us from putting ourselves in the way of that situation again.

Overcoming fear in not easy, fear is a powerful & not a very pleasant emotion, but in our lives, too much fear will prevent us from not only trying new things, but may prevent us from trying again if things do not work out the way we would have liked the first time. In life, there is no failure or rejection, there is just feedback. If we try something new, & things do not work out the way we had hoped, that doesn't mean we have failed, we have just received some feedback on how to do it better next time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Can ! ...I Will ! ...I Must !

Hey guys, Firstly want to thank each & everyone of you for visiting my Blog.
I have been wanting to create one since a long time & finally here it is.(maybe it's now the right

The reason why I have created this blog is to share my THOUGHTS, EXPERIENCES & ACTIONS with the rest of the world because I as an individual feel I have the power & right to help change as many lives as I can & so do you - so that people out there understand their Potentials hidden deep down there in their reservoirs.